Accused as Criminals for Bible Distribution

VOMK have been successfully getting God’s Word into the closed nation of North Korea through the use of various innovative methods, like launching large balloons and bottles containing rice, vitamins and small Bibles.  However, these efforts have recently been questioned and VOMK has been told to cease and desist all further Bible launches.

The Foleys, co-founders of VOMK, are presently facing possible criminal charges and VOMK’s status as a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (“NGO”) is also being reviewed.

In a recently sent email, Rev. Dr. Eric Foley and his wife Dr. Foley wrote, “We stand accused in our own country as criminals, and we do so alongside our North Korean Christian brothers and sisters.”

Please pray for the Foleys and the rest of the VOMK staff as they navigate how to wisely deal with these present challenges while endeavouring to honour God through the distribution of His Word and the provision of humanitarian aid.

Pray that the North Koreans who have received the distributed Bibles will be touched by what they read, resulting in their eternal salvation.

Pray that those opposing the Gospel will willingly embrace our Heavenly Father’s love and become convicted of their need to accept His Son Jesus as their own personal Saviour.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOMC)

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