Pray for Pastor Li Juncai who is Sentenced to 5½ years in Prison

Li Juncai, pastor of the Yuanyang County Central House Church in Henan, and three other individuals were arrested in February 2019 for refusing to place patriotic slogans in their church. Pastor Li also received a fine of more than USD $7,000.

Pastor Li’s church was asked to replace a sign that read “Love God and People” to one that read “Love Country” and remove the cross on their steeple. The church did not comply leading to the arrests in February 2019. The others have since been released but Pastor Li remained in detention.

In January 2021, Pastor Li was sentenced to 5½ years in prison. The cross atop the church was forcibly removed and the sign “Love God and People” forcibly replaced.

Pray for Christians in China whose faith in the Lord and their right to practice their faith are continually challenged. Pray that they will stand firm and not buckle under the pressure to compromise or give up their faith even if it means having to suffer personal sacrifice or loss.


(Source & Photo Credit : VOM)

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