Bangladesh – Christians Attacked Shortly After Construction of Their Church Building Began

A  church of about 20 families from the Chakma people group had been gathering peacefully for worship in a tin hut for more than 10 years. Shortly after they started constructing a church building in their village, a group of thugs destroyed the church building’s windows and threatened to torture or kill the men of the church, causing the believers to flee into the jungle for several weeks.

The frightened women and children lived together in one home for safety. However, the same thugs found the women and beat them with canes, leaving them bruised. The thugs also looted the believers’ homes, stealing their crops and livestock. For safety, the Christian children have not attended school since the initial attack.

Pray for these Christian families to remain strong in their faith despite the pain they have had to endure and the uncertainties they now face. Pray that they will find comfort and peace in God and all their needs, both physical and emotional, will be divinely provided for.

Pray that those who are persecuting these Christians will hear the gospel message, repent and receive salvation.

Pray for completion of the church building’s construction.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

Project Love North Korea

We are raising funds for two new projects for North Korea –

  1. Bible Distribution
    Target Funds Needed – S$37,400
    The aim is to distribute 29,400 copies of the Bible in digital and/or printed version into North Korea via air, sea and land.
  2. Support for the Underground Church
    Target Funds Needed – S$25,700
    The aim is to identify and minister to former underground North Korean Christians and their descendants who are now living in South Korea, and to connect them to local churches in South Korea so that they can continue to grow and mature in their faith.

Would you join us in showing our love for North Korea by giving towards these two projects?

May the Lord bless you abundantly for giving generously!

Laos – Couple Forced Out of Their Village Because of Their Faith in Christ

When visits to hospitals and a witchdoctor failed to heal Phan from his illness, his wife, Yun, decided to bring him to her Christian relatives who shared the gospel with them. Phan soon experienced healing and the couple decided to put their trust in Jesus Christ.

When they returned home, Phan’s parents, whom they lived with, learned of their new faith. They told Phan that his family couldn’t live with them unless they renounced their Christian faith. Phan and Yun stood firm in their faith, and Phan’s parents chased them away. The couple and their two young children are starting their lives over in a new district. They are living with Yun’s relatives but have nothing of their own.

Pray that they will continue to grow in their faith despite their current circumstances. Pray that God will provide for their every need.

Pray that Phan and Yun will be able to share the gospel with Phan’s family and they will believe in the Lord and receive salvation.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

India – Christians Assaulted and Detained

On 17th October,  about 60 Christians were beaten, stoned and had their vehicles vandalized by an angry mob. The believers were accused of forcefully converting people to Christianity and detained. Some of them have since been released on bail but others remain imprisoned.

Pray that these believers will remain firm in their faith and the Holy Spirit will help them forgive their attackers. Pray that those who were injured in the attack will receive physical healing.

Pray that those who are persecuting them will hear the gospel, experience God’s forgiveness and love, and receive salvation.  


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

Myanmar – Family Expelled From Their Land and Home after Receiving Salvation in the Lord

After Aung Hte and his wife received salvation in Christ in 2017, his in-laws expelled him and his family from their land and home in an effort to appease the spirits they worshipped.

His family became destitute and was forced to live in a tent on rented land while Aung Hte worked in a remote fishing village to provide for his family’s needs.

Pray that Aung Hte and his family will find a safe and permanent shelter. Pray that their faith in the Lord will continue to grow in spite of the difficulties they are facing.

Prat that their relatives will see the love of Christ reflected in the lives of Aung Hte and be open to hear the gospel and receive salvation.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

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