Pakistan – Murder Motivated by Hatred

On 9th November 2023, 20-year-old Christian student, Farhan, was killed in his family’s home by an intruder, Zubair, who was known for harboring hatred towards Christians and Jews.

The day before the murder, Farhan and Zubair had a minor argument. The next day, at 3am, Zubair entered Farhan’s home through a window and shot Farhan three times. He then held the victim’s family hostage for nearly 40 minutes, refusing to allow them to come near the fatally injured young man.

Throughout the ordeal, Zubair ranted about his hatred for Jews and taunted the victimized Christian family. By the time Zubair left and the parents brought their injured son to the hospital, it was too late to save him.

The attack came in the midst of a volatile situation which was further escalated by the war between Israel and Hamas. The murder of Farhan was not an isolated occurrence in the village of Talwandi Inayat Khan, Punjab.

In a previous incident, two Christian brothers, Aqib and Asher, were beaten by locals after they expressed support for Israel. As a result, several Christian families fled the village for fear of additional violence.

Pray that the Lord will minister His peace, love and comfort to Farhan’s family and friends in their time of grief. Pray that his family will receive much-needed financial and legal assistance to ensure justice is meted out for Farhan. Pray for protection for other Christian families living in Pakistan.


(Source & Photo: VOMC)

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