China – Christian Wedding Disrupted by Authorities

The wedding ceremony of Zhang and Xiao, members of the Early Rain Covenant Church, was scheduled on 21st May. But before the wedding took place, church members were detained and questioned regarding their plans to attend the event. Church leaders were detained in their own homes which prevented them from attending the wedding.  And the hotel the couple had booked to host the reception were forced to cancel their reservation.

The day before the wedding, the couple themselves were detained and interrogated by the authorities for four hours. Even after their release, Zhang said he was under continual surveillance. Ultimately, the couple was forced to cancel the event.

Pray that this couple will find encouragement, comfort and strength to recover from the disappointment and heartache of their cancelled wedding plans. Pray that they will be granted another  opportunity to joyously share their wedding celebration among fellow church members sometime in the near future.

Pray that the Lord will give this couple and other members of Early Rain Covenant Church the wisdom, guidance and discernment needed to overcome the challenges they are facing because of their faith in Christ.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

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