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India – Believers Brutally Attacked for Not Denying Christ

On 15th August, 11 Christians were summoned by the village chief of Adnadhi, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, to a place where he and about 250 people were gathered. The believers were given two options – abandon their faith in Christ or leave the village.

When the Christians refused to give up their faith, they were stoned. Four of the victims sustained internal injuries and had to be hospitalised.

The village of Adnadhi is home to 15 families who converted to Christianity about 20 years ago. Although they face some opposition in the past, this recent attack was completely unexpected. The incident was reported to the police but no action has been taken against the perpetrators.

Pray that God will strengthen and embolden these Christians to remain firm in their faith. Pray also that they will receive divine wisdom, guidance and direction on what they should do in this situation.

Pray for physical healing for those who are injured, and those who are traumatized and fearful because of the unexpected and brutal attack.

Pray that God will work within the hearts and minds of the opposing villagers such that they will be convicted of the truth of the gospel and receive salvation.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

China – Pray for Pastor Wang

Pastor Wang of Early Rain Covenant Church, sentenced to 9 years imprisonment, has been held in a highly restricted cell and not allowed to have visitors or even speak with other inmates, except for two criminal offenders who are charged with watching him. He eats and sleeps in the same cell with these two men. And he is fed moldy rice and given expired prison medication when he requires medical attention.

Pastor Wang’s wife, son and elderly parents continues to face harassment as they live under virtual house arrest with officers stationed outside their apartment.

Pray that Pastor Wang will find favour with the prison guards and fellow inmates, and receive more humane treatment in prison. Pray that Pastor Wang will continue to be a light shining brightly for Jesus and will draw many to believe in the Lord Jesus and receive salvation.

Pray that God will bless him with good health – mentally, physically and emotionally. Pray also for his family – that they will experience an increased portion of God’s grace, thus, empowering them to endure the difficulties and still remain firm in their faith.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

Afghanistan – New Dangers in Volatile Situations

Life for the small Christian community in Afghanistan has always been difficult. They cannot worship openly and often face threats of beatings and other forms of torture from opposing family members and the community they in.

However, the dangers these believers face have now increased significantly. Many foreign Christian workers have been forced to flee. And Afghan church leaders have received notice that their locations and activities are being closely monitored. We heard that one member of the Hazara community was killed merely for having downloaded a Bible app on his/her device.

And because the foreign Christian workers have left, now the local Afghans are leading these small house church fellowships and risking their lives every day to share the Word of God to their neighbours, families and friends.

Pray that God’s presence and His glory will be evident in His people. Pray that many in Afghanistan will turn to Christ as their source of hope and salvation. Pray that God’s peace that surpasses all human understanding will replace fear and anxiety in the hearts of believers who remain in the country.

Pray that God will divinely intervene in every seemingly impossible and hopeless situation to soften the hearts of those opposing Him and turn them away from acts of violence and brutality.


(Source : VOMC, Photo : Internet)

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