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Afghanistan – Pray for Y

Y is a Christian judge who had presided over many sensitive cases and sent many thugs to prison. As a result, she has received many death threats. Recently her parent’s house had been taken over by these thugs and they are searching for her. Both Y and her parents are in hiding.

Pray that God will keep Y and her parents safe, and provide for their daily needs whilst they remain in hiding. Pray that they will experience an increased outpouring of grace from the Lord that is more than sufficient (2 Cor 12:9) for them to endure and overcome their challenges. And their faith will be strengthened and will not rest on human wisdom but on God’s power (1 Cor 2:5).


(Source : VOMau, Photo : Internet)

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Hopeless and Disheartened But God Found Her and Saved Her

Fariba is married to a drug addict and they have a teenage son. They live is a small room in a machine shop and Fariba works long hours as a housecleaner to try to make ends meet.

Desperate and hopeless, Fariba decided to commit suicide because she felt her life was worthless.

After she bought the pills which she planned to use to kill herself, she boarded a bus and sat next to a woman. The woman gave Fariba a book and told her that it was a gift from God to let her know that God loves and cares about her. Moved by the stranger’s kindness, Fariba asked the woman to tell her more. The stranger prayed for her and encouraged her to read the book.

Fariba read the book and found peace in God through it. “I was hopeless and disheartened and I wanted to end my life but God had a plan for me,” she said. “He found me and He saved my life.” Now, she hopes that God will use her to reach others like her.

We thank God for the stranger’s courage and obedience to God in reaching out to Fariba. Pray that God will bless her, protect her and guide her to minister to many others and draw them to Jesus.

Pray also for Fariba, that God will send believers to support and encourage her in her growth in the Lord. Pray that she will grow in faith and maturity and will be used mightily by the Lord to share the gospel with other Iranian women and help them find their identity in Christ.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

#Persecuted Church

India – Lift Up 16-Year Old Nitish in Prayer

In August this year, 16-year old Nitish, a resident of Northern India’s Bihar state, was attacked with acid at 6.30am in the morning as he left the house to go to the market. As a result of the attack, Nitish suffered burns covering 60% of his body. With the help of a local pastor, Nitish was rushed to a nearby clinic for treatment. However, due to the severity of his injuries he was sent to a specialized burn unit in the city of Patna.

Although the motives of the attack are not officially known, a local pastor stated that, “there has been increased anti-Christian sentiment and attacks against Christians in the district are increasing.” Nitish and his brother, Sanjith, are both active in the local church and conduct daily prayer gatherings. The teen’s family came to faith in Christ two years ago.

Pray that Nitish will receive speedy and complete healing from his injuries. Pray for his concerned family and friends as they deal with the horrific nature of this attack.

Pray that those responsible for the attack will recognize the seriousness of their action, experience repentance and ultimately surrender their lives to Christ.

Pray for the ongoing ministry of the small church in this village. Pray that it will shine brightly for the Lord and be a blessing to all the members of the village community even in the midst of the heightened anti-Christian sentiment.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

China – Continue to Pray for Early Rain Covenant Church

On the morning of 22nd August, Early Rain Covenant Church members gathered in a home for worship and a fellowship meal. Officers acted on a complaint that an illegal assembly was taking place at the home and tried to enter the home and demanded the identification of everyone present.

After the members’ “love feast” meal, about 17 adults and 10 children were taken into custody while 2 members were physically abused. Most of them were released that night except for Pastor Dai and brother He Shan.

Early Rain Covenant Church members have experienced several raids despite the fact that they now meet in smaller groups and had to frequently change the meeting locations.

Pray for an increase anointing of strength and resilience in the members of Early Rain Covenant Church as they seek to obey and follow the Lord in the midst of a very hostile situation.

Pray for wisdom, discernment and guidance for Pastor Dai and other church leaders as they carry on their ministry work and provide direction to their members. Pray also for the release of Pastor Wang and other believers who remain incarcerated because of their faith in and unwavering commitment to Christ. Pray that God will watch over them and their families and provide for their every need.


(Source & Photo : VOMC)

#Persecuted Church

Afghanistan – Meeting Practical Needs with God’s Love

Front-line workers and others are facing challenges in getting aid into Afghanistan. One of the biggest obstacles is that most banks are closed, thereby blocking necessary funds and relief supplies, food and other materials from reaching those in need.

Our ministry partners have the connections and contacts needed to get practical assistance to front-line workers so that they can assist our Afghan brothers and sisters-in-Christ.

Pray that God will protect these courageous front-line workers and bless them with wisdom and discernment to circumvent the challenges they are facing in this current volatile situation. Pray that many will be able to receive the practical help they need. And this display of love and boldness will be a powerful witness drawing many more Afghan people to Christ.


(Source & Photo : VOM)

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