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New Believer persecuted over rumours of Christians being paid to convert

Aarav became a Christian after he was healed from a long time illness when a local Pastor prayed for him. A group of about 50 extremists disrupted a meeting between Aarav and the pastor and the pastor’s family at Aarav’s home. The matter was subsequently resolved but the local news media reported false allegations of Christians being paid to convert. As a result of those rumors, Aarav and his family have been evicted from their home and Aarav’s long-time client decided to stop doing business with him.

Lord we pray that the truth of the matter will surface and vindicate Aarav and his family.

We pray that for every client he loses, God will provide two more new clients and that all the needs of Aarav and his family, financial, emotional, spiritual, social, will be met.

Father, we pray that Aarav will continue to grow spiritually with the support of other believers around him.

Teenager killed as mob attacks Christian neighbourhood in Lahore, Pakistan

Teenager killed as mob attacks Christian neighbourhood in Lahore, Pakistan.

Christian families in Jhalar Peer Bakash were attacked by a mob of about 50 men wielding guns and other weapons on 16 November.

Sonia Sarwar, a Christian teenager, was killed in the attack whilst 6 others were severely wounded. The attack also displaced about 10 Christian families in the neighbourhood.

Pray that God will comfort Sonia’s family and the families of the 6 who were severely wounded.

Pray for healing of physical & wounds as they release their grief to you. Pray for strength to forgive and carry on.

Pray that God will provide for the needs of the families that have been displaced.

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